Ninja Lolita

Brand Identity Beverage flavours are inspired by Ninja and Lolita. Ninja Lolita is a Japanese kombucha beverage company, which intends to enter the competitive Vancouver beverage market. Even though Ninja Lolita is a well known beverage company in Japan, not many people recognize the brand in Vancouver beverage market. As a result, the company wants to raise more awareness in Vancouver market. It is important for the company to bring its products to the Vancouver Japanese festival because both Ninja and Lolita represent Japanese subcultures. People who love Japanese culture will more likely attend the festival. In addition, it is recommended that the company sets a booth during the festival and has people who dress in clothes that both have Ninja and Lolita elements. To be more specific, each Ninja and Lolita drink has two different flavours; one flavour represents the strength of Ninja and the other flavour represent the sweetness of Lolita. People who drink the beverage will experience both sides of these Japanese subcultures.

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