These postcards are designed to represent Japanese cities using key landmarks and friendly and welcoming mascots. Using simple and flat graphics, it created to match thoughtful simplicity that is key to Japanese design. These postcards are inlaid with Sakura to shows a more Japanese style.

Kumamoto Castle in K

Castle Floating in the sky

Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto prefecture is one of Japan’s famous castles and the local mascot is the bear, “Kumamon”, who is loved by everyone...not only local people!

Todai-Ji temple in N

Castle Floating in the sky

Todai-Ji temple in Nara prefecture is also one of the famous castles, with the local mascot being the deer, whose name is “Shikamaro-Kun”. Nara is also famous for Nara Park, with over 1,200 wild deer freely roaming within its borders.

Shuri Castle in Okin

Castle Floating in the sky

Shuri Castle in Okinawa prefecture is a famous one, as well. The local mascot, “Isa-Kun”, is based on the motif of Shisa which is a guardian of Okinawa.