SWING - Sustainable Packaging Design

The goal of this project is to design sustainable products.

Japanese skincare se

Swing - Japanese skincare set

Japanese skincare set is designed for people who have sensitive skin. This package includes hand cream, lip cream, aroma spray and “tenugui*”.

To promote sustainab

Swing - Lampshade

To promote sustainability, the set is packaged in Japanese traditional washi paper which has been used for 1400 years. Washi is thin, durable, and long-lasting and reusable. In addition, the labels are pasted on with rice glue. These material choices reflect this brand’s natural and organic identity through sustainable design. Tenugui can be reused to wrap the skincare set. Also, the pouch can be changed to the lampshade. * : Tenugui is used for multiple purposes in Japan, such as wipe off the sweat, wrap something and so on.