Planned Parenthood P.S.A.

The Parenthood public service announcement’s objective is to educate the public, especially those who are sexually active but unprepared for conceiving a child, the different options of birth control using a more friendly approach. This birth control PSA needed to deliver relevant information to the public with a more approachable tone in that way, the audience can get that Planned Parenthood is a non-judgmental organization that is ready to support and educate anyone. To achieve the organization’s branding, the use of the color scheme of pink, blue, yellow, and purple are being applied throughout the entire posters that bring out the friendliness of the organization. The PSA also used a very clever way of bringing the elements alive to create a clearer message without putting too much detail on the whole announcement. In closing, it successfully delivered a friendly yet informative public service announcement.

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Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/uejodq9bfzgb3dv50cz07pwrcd9oh270