Kong Fu Tea Beverage Design

The beverage packaging is about Chinese Kong Fu tea, which is called Kong Fu tea. It includes four different flavors of fruit tea. There are berry green tea, lemon green tea, peach black tea and pineapple black tea. Each tea has a different name, and the name comes to the fruit juice color mix with the tea color, and I use Chinese characters to show them. For example, when berry juice mix with green tea, the color shows smoky grey, so on the beverage use Chinese traditional color to represent the name. For the logo, there is a Chinese Kong Fu character in the background and Chinese Characters on the top. There also are some fruit shapes on the packaging to show what flavor is the tea. There are many Kong Fu characters on the top of the bottle. It is also to shows the concept of the packaging.

Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/gfxcuhcwx8swv531gs7miqowyexni9wq
Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/1zza9oohssv5z33tzcjaz74fn8s85089
Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/0260rj9qctzfmmf04a6tgkke6p29wmwz
Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/0acuxrjlcjaryld55rbbi3npewgj7kuw