Eilish Donnelly

Eilish Donnelly

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LCI Melbourne

Absolut Enforcement

A campaign tells a story - Alcohol tells an even bigger one. The nights start with mates. Drinking, laughing, and having fun. We hit the clubs. Dancing, drinking more and more - fun! You have too much to drink and gets rowdy. You are kicked out to the curb. Too much alcohol. Your mates follow you out. You all get into the car, struggling to focus on the road. Music blaring, having a good time until... crash. Silence. Mates are all still on the ground, not moving. The car, a wreck. You call 000. The police, the ambulance, the firefighters. They all come, and you struggle to remember. Why did I do this? Do you want to end your night in sirens? The campaign aims to stop nights ending like this. Be safe. Be smart. Absolut Vodka endorses safe and responsible of drinking, don't drink and drive. Drinking is fun, but the safety of you and your friends is more important.

The first advertisem

Absolut Offence

The first advertisement in the trilogy describing what can happen when drinking - Resembling the police

The second in the tr

Absolut Incident.

The second in the trilogy - Resembling the firefighters

The final advertisem

Absolut Assistance

The final advertisement - Resembling the Ambulance