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Food-service businesses have suffered significant sales losses since the COVID-19 outbreak. For that reason, the main purpose is to provide Pizzeria El Higueron different advertising and marketing strategies in order to help this restaurant during the current time. For example, promotions where customers can buy one pizza and receive 2 of them. As well as, if you order pizza delivery 6 times, the seventh one is free of charge. We have created a landing page, a new package, and three different social media posts.

We are located in Sa

This is El Higueron

We are located in San Isidro, Grecia. Family owned and operated new business. El Higueron was created with the goal of offering our community a pizza that is slime but at the same time tasty, in order to enjoy a marvelous time whether it is with your friends or family. This pizzeria offers different types of pizzas that you can savor at any time. Experience what being part of our family is like.

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This page includes d

Landing Page

This page includes different information, such as details about the pizzeria, order delivery service, contact, and promotions.

Landing page in action

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Posts for Instagram and Facebook

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