Umami Tea Packaging

Umami means “fifth tasting bud”. It also means “delicious” in Japanese. This is a Green Tea Matcha making set, which consists of two types of green tea, a bamboo matcha spoon, a whisk, a ceramic bowl, cup and saucer, along with a coaster. Samurais used to drink this tea, before going to war to calm themselves down and to improve their ability to concentrate. To incorporate such a strong concept in tea was the biggest challenge. Hence, the phrase, “The strength of the Samurai”. Most tea branding are done showing how calming and relaxing tea can be. This one shows how energetic, alert and strong minded one becomes after consuming the Umami matcha tea. The branding colors are kept black and red to show the aggressive strength of the Samurais and red is also a symbol of Japan, where the drink originally comes from. The names of each product have been kept as different war equipments.

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