Donna Farofa | Packaging + Logo Design

Donna Farofa is a light, flavorful and easy type of food originating from Brazil, most common in the North East part of the country. It means cassava powder made from the cassava root, mostly used as a side to go with some steak, black beans, and rice. The logo is light and remits the idea of a homemade product with simple, but special ingredients. The yellow represents the long bodies of dunes located along the seawall of the Northern beaches of Brazil, and it also represents the sun that never ends throughout the year. The thin lines along the right side of the logo represents the shade, which gives a three dimensional perspective to the logo followed by the brown clay bowl, a very traditional utensil used for many years. The typefaces make the perfect combination of a slightly curvy script with a small cased handwritten a typeface which transmits the perfect feel of a handmade countryside product.