Granny's Grains | Packaging design

Granny's Grains is a project that was inspired by the idea of making fruits and nuts a healthy and fun alternative to snacking. Created with the intent of attracting children and with its quirky packaging and bring use of colours. The marrying of the sans serif typeface with a speciality typeface is a highlight of modern, yet classy design. The idea of having the product names "Granny Grains" brings out the idea of a child being fed with grandma's deliciously concocted recipes. There is use of pastel colours throughout the design which resonates to summertime and the idea of having something refreshing and satisfying as a snack. There are three different types of snacks and flavours that are made to target a wider range of audience and focuses on different age groups as well. The concept flow from paying tribute to the love that a grandma hols and spread for the people she loves.