Ox in a Box | Logo + Packaging Design

Ox in a Box is a delicious Vietnamese Pho with Oxtail, it comes in two sizes and flavours. This company is a client work that challenged me a lot in different ways. I’ve created a brand identity which involves a different culture and different cuisine. It was enjoyable to feel inspired after trying the food, it almost gives you a full explanation of the real flavour of the brand. The logo is a cute and engaging ox inside of the bowl of Pho. The client wanted something that would catch attention and that could give the idea of care and homemade. It was very challenging to create a logo, and it was even more challenging to create an identity for the logo, something that would mark that brand because of the logo. The client also chose to have a big social media presence and required flyers and a menu as well, this way having larger visibility and fast reach. I enjoyed very much to work with this client and I believe that logos can tell a lot about the brand and the designer, it an easy way to show your direction and style.