Travel in Asia- Book Jacket Design

Book Jacket / Editorial Travel in Asia is a set of travel guide books for China, Japan, and India. This series are a useful compendium of facts about local hotels, restaurants, transportation, history, and point of interest for the travel to enjoy. The design concept is inspired by the cultures of each country, each culture is the specific treasure of that country. On the cover has an opening treasure, the cultural treasures of each country, map and key. Design main idea: Every country has its own cultures, specialty, and history, those books are the key to open the treasure box, those treasures of each country are waiting for the traveler to find them.

Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/China,Japan, India

China,Japan, India


Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/Outer Packing

Outer Packing

Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/Back


Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/China


Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/India