Branding Design: Dear Adonis

Founder of the skin care brand ‘Dear Adonis’ demands a new brand identity to push her brand further on the market and desires to spread the brand’s meaningful message out as well. Dear Adonis is created in memory of the founder’s beloved partner. The story goes back to when the founder was still a teenager, where she did not appreciate the love that her boyfriend gave and took it for granted. She then even got into multiple love affairs. Unfortunately, her loved one passed away soon after, and what remained was only regrets. For this reason, the re-branding requires conceptual symbols that are suitable for the brand’s story. For the design of the products, Greek goddess Aphrodite and her lover Adonis were used to deliver the founder’s love story, since the two pairs of couples share a similar encounter. All of the elements on the packages are symbols of Aphrodite. Also, a technique called "continuous line drawing" was applied to the designs. Moreover, the conceptual names of the products were the things the founder wished she could’ve told her loved one before he was gone.

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