Food Packaging Design: BonBonne Nuit

A candy shop located in England, BonBonne Nuit, required a brand refresh. The brand needed a new logo and identity to match their unique candy flavours and attract a wider and increase social media presence. In French, bon bon means candy, and Bonne Nuit means good night. Therefore, the two French words combined together become the brand name, BonBonne Nuit. The concept behind this shop is to let their customers have a taste of their own lucid dreams. In order to fully bring out the concept, imagination is key. The design of the packages uses a montage style that brings together surrealistic elements. Since lucid dreams are controllable, the stories of each package are suggestive of the desires people most likely would have. Moreover, the conceptual names of each product are meant to trigger imaginative sceneries in customers’ heads.

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Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/o3gnvhliuoxc4pfzb1ot8mr5c93fk2ns