Royal Garden - Packaging Design

“Royal Garden” is a luxury brand of collectable high-end brooches and boutique perfumes based on creatures that pollinate the flowers in a beautiful garden. The brooches are creatures like bumblebees, ladybirds and beetles and the perfumes are paired with their personality traits and flowers that they are drawn to. The design required branding and original dielines for packaging for the series. The design of the packaging is meant to entice the client to purchase all of the pieces. The outer packaging itself becomes part of the collection as it is intended to be a display for each brooch. The design is inspired by the connection that exists between the natural and human realms and related mythologies. The ladybird becomes “The Lucky Lady”, the bumblebee “The Charismatic Queen” and so on, each representing the royals of society as well as the fragrances of the garden. The outer package has the shape of garden tiles with the graphic style of a mosaic for a luxurious treatment and the colours and elements represent the insects and their habitat., The fragrances of the perfumes are based on flowers they are attracted to or pollinate. Overall, the elevated design and format of each box is made to encourage the customer to keep the packaging as well.

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The crown represents

The crown represents the royal aspect of the concept, while the spiderweb stands for the brooches shaped like insects.

The artwork has a mo

The artwork has a mosaic treatment representing each creature. The colour combination comes from the original tones of each bug.

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