The Bunker - Condominium Brochure

“The Bunker” is the brand for a new imaginary condominium development with an edgy yet modern style inspired by revolutionary aesthetics. The condominium brochure is designed to represent the essence of the brand, a set of small minimalist houses in the outskirts of Calgary that bring modernity and industrialism into the perfect blend for the artsy, alternative culture mindset. The concept lies in the idea of survival bunkers that are compact and functional, yet with enough room for high-end amenities and modern items. The brochure displays this information to the viewer in a conceptual and fun way. Concrete and mud, metal and scaffolding are inspirations for the greys and blacks in the colour palette, while the yellow comes from the caution lines and elements from industrial settings. The icons represent objects from war or survival elements that relate to the condominium development. The layout is clean yet edgy to showcase the style of the brand as clean and minimalist with a touch of industrial renovation. The concept is shown through the design by using bold images and typefaces along with industrial style images. The mood is set to give an edgy feel to the brochure through the graffiti style headlines and stencilled letters, connecting back to the grungy aspect of the concept. The icons represent items like helmets, combat boots, compasses and the heavy metal bottles, to bring out the idea of survivalism. The headers for each section identify the aspects of the condominium through conceptual words like “gear” for the amenities and “armory” for the interior details. The two yellow stripes implemented into the design represent the caution lines from industries giving it that end-of-the-world kind of feeling. Big bold grey letters are used on every page to express words that represent everything this condominium would be, such as bold, edgy, grungy, modern, novel, rule-breaking, etc.

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Diseño Gráfico/LaSalle College Vancouver/hs7ndtcjpes7swl6quguuu7ugzavi1zd
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