Synthetic Coral Habitat

This graduation project was in collaboration with Hecho de Arcilla, which is a multidisciplinary studio in Costa Rica with an emphasis on clay. We developed a modular system in clay to allow the development of coral larvae and replace coral reefs that are disappearing due to various threats from human activities. It is important to emphasize that the research of this project was thanks to CIMAR. This project was 3D printed in clay. This material has optimal qualities to resist for many years submerged in marine waters.

Diseño de Producto/Universidad VERITAS | San José/3D Print Process

3D Print Process

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Material and Texture Tests

It is important to remember that tests can take up to 7 months or more, due to the time it takes for organisms to adapt and develop to new clay structures. Once the coral larvae adapts to the structure, we have to wait years for them to develop in the best way possible.