Luca Dargenio

Luca Dargenio

Diseño Gráfico
LCI Barcelona

Smokey Company

Students were asked to investigate, create and develop the project of their dreams. That project needed to allow product design as well as space design. Smokey Company is a brand that not only has the purpose of selling its product, which in this case would be Marijuana, but also has an informative and peaceful purpose. The aim, therefore, is to inform all those who are not sufficiently informed about the subject, to the point of judging marijuana negatively. So we’re not just a cannabis brand but we aim to be much more. We really believe in the power of cannabis and the effect it can have on individuals and the community. The main concept of this brand is to send a message of peace to all those who still do not accept the legalization of marijuana, and at the same time discriminate against those who use it.

Diseño Gráfico/LCI Barcelona/Graphic System

Graphic System

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