Novel - Desktop Publishing Project

Oscar Wilde once quoted that If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all. Books, especially novel had become a thing of the past. Printed copy or e-book, the notion of a page turner is now a scarce item. People are glued to social media, and what they can absorb in just one page or required a couple of scrolls only. For Desktop Publishing class, the students were offered a couple of alternatives of classic manuscript, novels and sets of poems. The manuscripts were given in doc format consisting of 12-20 pages. From the manuscript of their choosing, they are required to illustrate the manuscript and turn it into a minimum of 40 pages of hard copy novel, by using different Elements and Principles of Design, After determining the typesets, each of the students flow the text into the layout using Adobe InDesign before anything else. This way they will have an idea on how many pages the novel will turn into. After they decided on how they wish to illustrate the novel, they will finalize each page as if they were work of art. Some students chose the collection of poems as the continuous novel overwhelmed them. In all, the main concept of the design was to create a page-turning novel that is dynamic yet consistent and engaging with each reader. But each student enjoyed designing each page that their design extended far more than the 40-pages requirement.

Geralda Winona's Pla

Geralda Winona's Play of typography as way to enhance a conversation inside a novel.

Using different back

Using different background color combination as elements of design.

Natasya Susanto's po

Natasya Susanto's poems of Emily Bronte. Placing title on each poem and separating them like different chapters.

Each poem is designe

Each poem is designed differently using various selections of background colors and illustration that matched the poetry.

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Credits: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Emily Bronte, Geralda Winona, Natasya Susanto