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shendy arie

Design de mode

LaSalle College | Surabaya


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Arts et lettres, Design de mode, Design de produits, Langues


Creative and technical fashion designer. I have a strong knowledge of the entire process of collections from concept to samples. After I worked at garment industry in 2010, I'm working as fashion lecturer and have my own fashion line since 2013. I'm also working as freelance conceptor and designer since 2015.

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Concept Story-boarding

par shendy arie
Design de mode
LaSalle College | Surabaya
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Fashion collection concept designs
Fashion technical drawing
Fashion illustration
Creative design and story-boarding
Sample production


Fashion Designer | EMBA Jeans Company (January 2010 - September 2010):
* Design and develop womenswear collection.
* Worked with production team to make samples.
* Review the samples for mass production.
* Make concept of the photoshoot and fashion show.

Creative Designer, Freelance Fashion Designer and Conceptor (March 2013 - Present)
* Set up own brand and currently creating another fashion line
* Made by order haute couture and ready to wear pieces
* Freelancer for companies for designing and making new concepts of design collection, photoshoot and fashion show.

Fashion Lecturer | Ciputra University (August 2013 - Present)
* Specialized in Fashion Design and Pattern Making


LaSalle College International (2007 - 2009)
* Studied Fashion Design and Business program

PISON Art and Fashion Foundation (2011 - 2013)
* Studied Pattern Making and Production

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