Amelie McCullough

Amelie McCullough

Commercialisation de la mode
Collège LaSalle | Montréal

Hockey Night at Carlingwood 2015

This was a promotion for which I had to bus my way back to Ottawa earlier this year. At 6 pm all the doors to the shopping mall would close so that all of the employees could eat before going back to work. The reason why they needed to eat was because the mall was going to be open till 11:00 pm. People had to purchase tickets to get in do that they could carry on with their shopping. My job that evening was to count the amount of money each customer spent and hand them the correct amount of ballets so that they could go put them in one of the draws. Their were 5 draws in total, 2 being season tickets to go see the Ottawa Senators.

Commercialisation de la mode/Collège LaSalle | Montréal/Hockey night in Carlingwood

Hockey night in Carlingwood