Mira Kallab

Mira Kallab

Commercialisation de la mode
Collège LaSalle | Montréal

Caricature Campaign

This project was created and hand drawn by me in 2012 in Concordia University. It depicts 3 different celebrities (Obama, Ronaldinho, and Angelina Jolie) holding some sort of beverage to market the products. In this case, they are holding Red Bull, Gatorade, and Water. The goal of this project is to showcase a campaign in Arabic (hence the Arabic writing).

Ronaldinho is holdin

Ronaldinho is holding water, Angelina Jolie is holding Gatorade and Obama is holding Red Bull. I wanted to showcase how campaigns cater to different people and cultures. For example, in the Middle East, soccer is extremely prevalent and everybody knows Ronaldinho. Thus, his image seemed very appropriate for this project. Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama are both infamous which is why I picked them as my next two caricatures. I chose to draw them as caricatures to highlight the extremity that marketers go through to market a product or service.