Steampunk - Timekeepers

The character is called Addae. "The Morning Sun" is the meaning of her name, and this is the perfect description of her personality, gives people the opportunity to start a new life. She is like The Sun for people who need her help, because every single morning The Sun offers us a new opportunity to start over and she does just that. Her costume represents the mix among the Victorian Era, with the pleats, chocker and bustle, the modernity and the African Heritage. Addae is a Timekeeper, she is responsible for the "Data Crimes Victims Protection Program". Her main task is searching for victims of data crimes, deleting the old data, creating a new profile with a new chip that allows them to have a new life in the present, past or future. Everyone receives a chip, often just a few days after birth. The chip is inserted under the skin in the nape of the neck. This chip contains everything about people's lives; their experiences, fears, personality, crimes, etc.. and this information is shared every single minute amongst the wider community for everyone to see. For some this leads to inflated egos and a feeling celebrity status, for others its depression and social anxiety issues. The increase of these problems multiplied by the number of victims and the funds available for the "Data Crimes Victims Protection Program" is not enough to help everybody, sometimes those who need it most. Faced with this situation and knowing that the process to give people a new chip and allow them to time travel is not that simple, Addae acts upon her instincts, she uses her power as a shaman that she inherited from her African ancestors and her religious traditions and knowledge as part of the Timekeepers to have access to energy of the ancient spirits. During these rituals Addae is able to connect with the deepest energy of a person, reach the problem within their soul that influences the chip and through this connection she can start the healing process.

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