Chelsea Felix-Shannon

Chelsea Felix-Shannon

Animation et VFX

LaSalle College Vancouver


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Iron Man VR Demo

par Chelsea Felix-Shannon
Animation et VFX
LaSalle College Vancouver
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Proficient in C++
Experience with C#
Experience with C

Proficient with Unity
Proficient with Unreal
Vive SDK
Oculus SDK
Git, Microsoft TFS

Game Design
A* & Dijkstra Algorithms


UE4 Summer Game Jam — Programmer
Unreal Engine v4.16, Jun 29th 2017 - July 4th 2017

Worked on a shop simulator (like job simulator) on VR using the HTC Vive
Team consisted of 4 programmers and 1 producer
Implemented basic AI using blackboard and behaviour tree
Implemented a Textbox using blueprints


Art Institute, Vancouver — Bachelors of Science in Game Programming
Oct 2014 - June 2017

Academic Highlights:

Extensive C++ Focused Curriculum
C# usage (primarily in Unity)
Team-based game building and project management
VR SDK experience using the Vive, Oculus Touch, and Google Cardboard
Version control experience via Microsoft’s TFS and Git
A.I algorithms, notably A*, Dijkstra, and Steering Behaviors
Developed for mobile platforms using Android SDK

Prix et distinctions

Honor Roll
Maintained a 3.5 GPA

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