ART-Y Jewelry

Art-y is a fashion jewelry brand that is inspired by the modernist art in the 20th century. We want to combine the artsy and classical choice of the concept, create a modern piece of jewelry. This brand is also created during my last semester as Enterprise project in LaSalle College Jakarta with a collaboration of 3 peoples behind Art-y brand.

Art-y Video Campaign - Faces

The inspiration behind this collection is from a painting that we’ve seen every day as our childhood memories and turned into jewelry pieces. Basic, neutral silver and gold that reflect the jewelry that made from brass, with a design of jewelry imitated paint character, as in this collection we pick abstract contemporary that include face language as the symbol of the expressionism.

Autres crédits

Model : Verene Ysabell
Makeup Artist : Claudya Christiani
Photographer : Muhammad Farras
Video Editor : Nadine Thalia
Stylist : Selwyn, Gabrilla and Nisa