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Animation et VFX
LaSalle College Vancouver
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C/C++, Unity, C#
Math, Physics, AI


Lock Smith, 2D Puzzle Game on Android (Unity, C#) July 2017 – Dec 2017
- Implemented shape gesture detection, which will check if the player drew the correct shape by counting the number of dots that the player connected and store each point into a list then compare dots' position..
- Implemented logic that will dynamically fit the game background to certain resolution by checking the screen resolution of the device and grab the image that has the similar size then compress or stretch it to fit the screen resolution.

Tale of Loken, 2D RPG Game (Unity, C#) June 2016 – Sept 2016
- Implemented a Monster Manager, that will control each type of monster’s movement behavior and attacking behavior using polymorphism.
- Implemented a Player Manager that will manage the player’s HP, mana, abilities and experience.

Multi-language and Inventory System demo (Unity, C#) Nov 2017 - Present
- Created a XML file to store language data, and use C# script to load the XML file and output the language data in the game.
- Created an inventory system, using Json file to store item data, and write a C# script to loop through Json file to get item information.
- Created C# scripts for item and item slot, item and item slot needs to know item information and the inventory environment and assign the right slot to each item.

Game AI demo (C++) Oct 2017 – Dec 2017
- Created a Pathfinding module including DFS. BFS, Dijkstra’s and A* algorithm.
- Created a Steering Behavior module including Seek, Flee, Arrive, and Wander.


Diploma in Visual and Game Programming Oct 2015 – Dec 2017
LaSalle College, Vancouver, BC