Melissa de Souza - Demo Reel 2018

My Demo Reel from 2018 is a Victorian Kitchen very populated, I’ve choose this theme because, I’ve got the opportunity to work with different types of meshes, basic, complex, hard and soft. It was really good to have this variety of surfaces on this job, it helped me to develop a lot more my skills as a modeler and also lighting and texturing. I loved the result, the scene is nice, warm and good to look.

Melissa de Souza Demo Reel 2018

Animation et VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/oa023edpt788715o51gu4j9ywmuuibn2
Animation et VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/t3hcmlpi161cwofmnp48syml8dgjwog1
Animation et VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/0vrskp8udyzoyk4chr2q79ipyobmbrmp