The series of postcards is designed for a non-profit organization called WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) to raise people’s awareness about wild animal protection. The concept is based on the fact that humans and wild animals are all creatures living on the earth. Wild animals have some characteristics and behaviors that human beings do, for example, running, yawning and taking care of their offspring. Both should be treated equally when it comes to lives. Using this concept to build up a connection between humans and wild animals can help the public to pay more attention to the most endangered species on earth. The use of green color on the postcard represents sustainability of our planet. The red symbolizes humans’ sympathy for wild species. The logo of WCS on the back makes it easier for people to recognize.

Design graphique/LaSalle College Vancouver/5lvfuweqs0xrzqmufd4wuoiqrcw5bf8z
Design graphique/LaSalle College Vancouver/cumf2csko6kqfam296i7ou7tkva7srga
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