An intense Real-Time Tactics game. Set in the near future, you are tasked with protecting and saving vulnerable civilians from an onslaught of bloodthirsty alien creatures. Make use of a handful of advanced mechs while using fast-moving aircraft and a battery of artillery to both obliterate massive hordes and secure a safe route out of the city. Download link here: https://christophermarktownsend.com/utopia

A mech watches the b

Watching the Bridge

A mech watches the bridge for any aliens that may come.

As the mech reaches


As the mech reaches the bridge, hazard indicators light up. Aliens are coming.

A wave of artillery


A wave of artillery obliterates the mountain top.

The aliens have made

Ring of Fire

The aliens have made it through the napalm. The civilians are in danger!

A mech pilot places

Hold Position

A mech pilot places their mech up against the odds. The beast lumbers through the fire.

A jet makes a strafi

Gun run

A jet makes a strafing run against a pair of beasts. Tracers rain down from the sky and draw a line of explosions across the terrain.