Tristen Stephens

Tristen Stephens

Commercialisation de la mode
Collège LaSalle | Montréal

Communications Campaign: Lululemon x 4ocean

I chose to create a campaign that focused on shopping sustainably. I selected lululemon and 4ocean to be the two companies I used to collaborate together. Very proud of the work I put into creating an eye catching layout/design of this project.

The 7-day Instagram

Mock Ups of the 7-day Instagram 'Story' Campaign.

The 7-day Instagram 'Story' Campaign mock ups.

The handbags and han

Manifesto Bags + Hangtags

The handbags and hangtags are in line with lululemon's current marketing strategy of manifesto bags. The phrases used in this limited campaign manifesto are all environmentally driven with a focus on making the consumers think about their shopping habits and the affects they have on out planet.