David Cohen

David Cohen

Commercialisation de la mode
Collège LaSalle | Montréal

Visual Presentations Photo Shoot

Started with the theme 'Distortion', from there me and my team created a tee shirt design mixing things such as a photo of a surgical operation, flies, a reference to the book 'Lord of the Flies' all under a thermal layer. We then collaborated on finding inspirational images for makeup, ascetics, set design and to find a model. The resulting photos from Kaven Tremblay (@ka.ven) encompassed our original theme of distortion, resulting us leaving the shoot with the most satisfaction and accomplishment out of any project we have done at Lasalle College. Photo credits: Kaven Tremblay @ka.ven Model: Rose Gallucci @rosewhatever

We had the idea of p

Behind the scenes

We had the idea of putting a plastic bag over the models head that would give us a edgy photo. Did not turn out as well so the photo was not selected.

Research for hair /


Research for hair / makeup, in the beginning we did not know if we wanted a female or male model so if we used a male i wanted the shaved dyed hair look, but if we got a female model the goth make up I thought was a good idea.