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Reginia Anzela

Reginia Anzela

Design de mode
LCI Melbourne

UNTO 2019

Inspired from the chain reaction from one to another, something small leads to each other to create a bigger impact, dominoes effect. Bringing the theme of continuity, simply translated to one event that leads to the next one. The collection consisted a neutral palette of beige, with a hint of olive green, along with black and white to represent the contrast in dominoes. The collection have been designed for modern women with a sporty flare, this is influenced by how I would portray the way women dressed these days. The combination of a femininity, sporty, with a clean finish through each pieces will be produce carefully to achieve the best quality as possible. The Spring/Summer Ready-to-wear collection will be a combination of staple wardrobe and statement pieces. This way, customer invested on a garment that can be worn for several different occasion, day or night, and let them experiment with the best way to style their wardrobe. Dominoes effect... These are the words that comes in to my mind when I think about how my past have influenced my present. Layering Order and disorder Harmonization These are the concepts that I will infuse into my design, thus creating a bigger and stronger collection as a whole. I’ve incorporated the sporty and refine style throughout my collection. Combining these two different styles, gives the garment a unique twist and versatility. For a more sporty looks, the pants can be turn into an overall. On the other hand, the detachable bomber’s sleeves, makes the bomber a versatile and a staple piece. I’d like people to invest in a long-lasting garment with a quality stitching and finishing, while allowing the wearer to incorporate the garment beauty and versatility into their personal style.

Unto mesh hat



Unto mesh hat Designed and Directed by Reginia Anzela Photography by Mark Lambert

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Film; Unto 2019

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