Integration Project- Choreography

This work is a research-creation project. The final work will be exhibited in a gallery. During the process, we need to use most of the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the program in the creative, analysis and culture axis. We need to research and develop our own concepts and explore different mediums to present our final work. According to the critique, we need to improve our work and update the final version.


My dance choreography is a form of catharsis and aims to provoke empathy from the audience. It revolves around the theme of mental health. I want to share my personal experience with the public. I am inspired by the local contemporary dancer Marie Chouinard. Her work is focused on presenting the limb and body muscle to reveal the hidden pain behind the effortlessly graceful dance. My body is the medium through which I express my struggle with a mental health issues. Dance is one of the most infectious forms of expression to convey emotion. Also, dance represents my theme in the most comprehensive way. My artwork's primary purpose is to convey the inner world of people who are struggling with their mental issues. The choreography is based on my life experience. This dance involves my authentic feelings and emotions. Strong emotions can resonate through every movement. It is also a voice for people who share similar experiences. I have come to a certain degree of reconciliation with myself and released my depressed sentiment through the creative process. My choreography reflects my personality and style. It combines two different dance styles that I am familiar with; Chinese traditional dance and contemporary dance. The collision of these two dance types creates a strong contrast. The elegance and lithe of Chinese traditional dance and the freedom of contemporary dance are perfectly integrated.

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