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Fashion Design
LCI Barcelona

Hidden Nation AW1617

HIDDEN NATION is a collection inspired by Icelandic folklore, focused on one of its most interesting topics, the 'HULDUFÓLK' (Hidden people). Most Icelanders believe on hidden people living on rocks all along their country. Sometimes they are described in similar physical appearance to humans but much more beautiful and tall. Other times, they are described as elves. For this collection, the designer has imagined a nation formed by Huldufólk leaving their homes (rocks) and coming to live and take part in Iceland's society, expecting not to be discovered. For that reason, they try to imitate, on her own style, the society they live in. Being inspired by Iceland's farmer's life, a minimalist tone embodies the collection. Functional with beautiful clean shapes are good adjectives to describe most of the garments. Nude, green, brown, deep blue/violet and grey/black shades, characteristic of Iceland's landscape, are the predominant colours. As always, the garments are unique, exclusive, timeless pieces exuding high quality and a care design. All of them have been produced either by hand, with small home knitting machines, crochetted or mixing different techniques. All the details are handmade and the different pieces of a garment are joined with crochet. Once more, mohair takes part on most of the pieces, providing quality, delicacy and softness. Among all the fibers used, you can find 80% Italian mohair yarns, alpaca blends and 100% Spanish artisan wool, but also lurex yarns.

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Other Credits

Modelos: Olha Tsybina, Alessa Roig
MUAH: Ellis Day