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LCI Education Offers Infinite Opportunities:
12 select higher education institutions, 23 campuses, 5 continents, 2 000 colleagues, 20 000 students.

Education is in our DNA

Teaching is one of the finest professions in the world. Sharing knowledge also includes people just like you who are associated with the faculty and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in their own way.

A network, a world of possibilities

An international network

Work and grow in an environment that is open to the world. Meet people from all over the world, share your ideas and broaden your horizons.

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Seize the opportunity: Apply to join our teams, because at LCI the future belongs to those who dare.

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Work in a creative environment

By the very nature of our programs, creativity and innovation are at the heart of our teaching institutions. They are reflected in every aspect of our organization.

A fast growing network

The LCI Education network, named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, is booming. With our Montreal headquarters and 23 campuses throughout the world, our enthusiastic team already numbers in the 2,000s. We need people like you so that we can pursue our ambitious development plan.

Development and fulfillment

Growing is learning! Do you thrive on challenges? Here, you will have the opportunity to reach your full potential and experience professional growth.

Celebrate success

We celebrate good work and we shine a spotlight on the high points! Because sharing successes, resources and knowledge is essential to the strength of our network.