Hands holding a tablet displaying a 3D mountain range for an interactive virtual tour.
Hands holding a tablet displaying a 3D mountain range for an interactive virtual tour.


  • Transform your learning experiences with our unique storytelling and bring engaging narratives, believable characters and interactive scenarios together for lively and unforgettable educational content.

  • Our gamification strategy makes theoretical learning lively and interactive. By incorporating gaming elements such as rewards and role-playing, we create a stimulating environment that fosters engagement and success.

Immersive learning
  • Experience immersive learning, diving into unique environments and realistic experiences. Our method combines theory with practical immersion, boosting the assimilation of information and fostering the application of skills in everyday life.

  • Reinvent training with our interactive simulations, which promote active learning, reinforce skills, stimulate group discussion and improve self-confidence. Simulations also make it possible to quickly and effectively apply the training in realistic situations.

  • Optimize your training with our micro-learning approach. Structure your solution into short, concise modules that can be accessed at any time, for fast-paced and effective learning.

Direct credentialing
  • Our direct credentialing approach is revolutionizing professional development, offering recognized certifications and credits, validated by blockchain, and ideal for lifelong learning and recertification.

Accessibility and Universal Design
  • Embrace our accessible approach to learning—an inclusive method right from the design stage, preventing the need for subsequent modifications. Our training solutions are accessible to all, guaranteeing a barrier-free learning experience.

Multimodal learning
  • Experience multimodal learning: a perfect fusion of resources and learning situations adapted to each learner. We offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of location, time, media and digital tools for optimal training solutions.

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Two people engaged in a VR simulation, with artistic imagery in the background.
The Virtual 5G-enabled Classroom of the Future

A collaborative virtual and augmented reality classroom using StellarX

A collage showcasing interactive digital learning tools and team collaboration in a modern educational setting.
Business Development Bank of Canada

Improving the management skills of Canadian entrepreneurs

A hand holding a smartphone displaying a training simulation in an industrial setting.

Rollout of an ecosystem of occupational health and safety training capsules at Hydro-Québec

A montage of e-learning interfaces with a backdrop of a nocturnal suburban scene.

Multimodal training program addressing the pathology, treatment and impact of bladder cancer on patients and their families

A collage showcasing diverse digital learning tools, including mobile apps and web platforms.
Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Reimagining leadership development as an ecosystem by providing a shared vision and mindset to build great managers and leaders across the organization

Laptop, farm and engineer team together at night for renewable energy, power and wind turbine. Electrician or technician man and woman in nature for electricity, eco and green environment maintenance

LCI Business Solutions

Solutions that put learners and participants at the centre of every experience.

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