Students gather in a sunlit atrium, sharing thoughts and enjoying the camaraderie.
Students gather in a sunlit atrium, sharing thoughts and enjoying the camaraderie.

About Us

LCI Education: Who We Are

LCI Education is an international community of higher education institutions that empowers and connects our people around the world to opportunity through quality education.

Since launching its first campus in Montréal, Canada, more than 65 years ago, LCI Education has built a proven educational model steeped in Canadian values of sharing and commitment.

LCI Education is dedicated to quality higher education, based on an innovative education model that combines hands-on learning methods with the best technology to enable highly skilled, competent professionals ready to meet the challenges of today's world of work.

LCI Education has been named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

Why LCI Education?

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The World is Your Classroom.

On 5 continents, with learners from +100 countries, LCI Education offers transformative, real-life learning experiences.

Embrace a cross-cultural perspective fueled by global expertise.

Endless Opportunities

Recognized for innovative academic approach, our 12 higher education institutions empower learners to develop entrepreneurial skills, encouraging them to innovate and to assume their unique roles as global citizens.

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Leader in Online Learning

LCI Education envisions a future of accessible online learning. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, we are pioneering a worldwide community of engaged and empowered learners for more than 20 years.

Study Abroad Program

LCI Education's Study Abroad Program enables you to spend one semester in Montréal, Vancouver, Bogota, Monterrey, Tunis, Casablanca, or Jakarta, and to pursue higher education studies in Barcelona or Melbourne.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect our people with opportunities through quality education.

We foster a diverse learning community where mutual uplifting thrives, providing life-ready learning experiences to all with innovation, efficiency, and results.

Our Core Principles

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Deliver Engaging Learner Experiences

Our teaching methods prioritize a personalized environment and foster innovative learning.

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Focus On People Champion Diversity

We champion respect and inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and empower global contributions.

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Technology-Based Learning Approaches

We leverage technology to enhance teaching and learning, advancing our tech-forward culture.

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Empower Lifelong Learning

We prioritize professional development, nurturing a passion for learning. Together, we grow.

Among Canada's Best Managed Companies

LCI Education is recognized among the prestigious Canada's Best Managed Companies, an accolade presented to companies that demonstrate leadership in strategy, performance, innovation, commitment to culture, and financial management towards achievable, sustainable growth.

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The World is Your Classroom: 5 Continents, 12 Institutions

LCI Education comprises 12 higher education institutions located on 5 continents.

Our decentralized approach empowers each campus as its own, independent, boutique school, with the advantage of being part of a distinguished global network, 65-year heritage, and well-established reputation for academic excellence.

Each year, LCI Education, across our institutions, is proud to welcome 20,000+ learners from 100+ countries who entrust us with their education.

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Giving Back: LCI Education Foundation

With a legacy of 65 years, LCI Education is devoted to addressing the global challenge of universal education. The LCI Education Foundation is a direct response to this mission. The LCI Education Foundation is dedicated to championing child literacy and initiatives supporting academic retention, particularly in the areas our institutions are located. Find out more about our Foundation.

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