Yinglei Mai

Yinglei Mai

Interior Design
LaSalle College Vancouver

New Brighton Community House

New Brighton community house is the place that family activities site. The overall concept is courtyard which is C shape gathering people. The courtyard is an open space surrounded by walls, within a building. It is quite a unique spot if you think about it - one that has the airy open feeling of the exteriors yet provide adequate privacy by being within interior space. The interior versions of these natural spaces are becoming more and more popular in contemporary interior design as people strive to bring the outdoors in, or for those who don’t have the luxury of their own outdoor space, an internal courtyard provides an ideal alternative. The reason I choose this concept is that I want to make people reunion and have time to celebrate friendships, relive memories, and family gathering and also brings to people happiness and hope. So the place of New Brighton community house is a happy memories place.

Interior Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Outside  seat

Outside seat

Interior Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Bar


Interior Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Playroom


Interior Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Dining seat

Dining seat

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