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Interview with one of our students - Mauricio Amador | LCI Monterrey

Published by LCI Education, February 22nd, 2018

Mauricio Amador

Professional Photography - LCI Monterrey

Hi, I’m Mauricio Amador, a student at LCI Monterrey majoring in professional photography.


Currently, I am growing as a photographer by creating a discourse. This has allowed me to take my work to contests, like the Tercer Concurso de Fotografía Contemporánea de México (Third Mexican Contemporary Photography Contest). I have also had the chance to participate in the SONDA program, which helps develop art projects. I have been able to develop the commercial side of my work by creating different advertising campaigns for local and national media.

During my time at LCI Monterrey, my professors and the individualized instruction that they provide have been crucial in helping me develop my own discourse. They have also helped me understand the current state of photography in Mexico.

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give you is to truly study photography and not just let yourself get caught up in the technical tools. Seek out your own form of expression, be unique, and always get inspiration from other artists and explore the world of imagery.

I think that success is too personal to define, but one way to achieve it is to be faithful to yourself.