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by Yingyuan Lu
Fashion Marketing
LaSalle College | Montréal
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Paris Paris Paris

by Yingyuan Lu
Fashion Marketing
LaSalle College | Montréal
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My darlings, my motive to be a better woman

by Yingyuan Lu
Fashion Marketing
LaSalle College | Montréal
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Working professional communication skills in English, French, and Chinese.
Combined expertise in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Pattern Design, Draping and Sewing.



Shanghai Huabiao Logitics Co., Ltd
General Manager, Shanghai, China (2013-2014)
Shanghai Huabiao Logistics Co., Ltd is a domestic logistics company based in Shanghai, fully integrated logistics service provider in China. Managed over 100 employees.
Key Accountabilities:
Perform competitive analyses and set marketing strategies
Responsible for ensuring consistent pricing and customer satisfaction; set minimum pricing requirements and build strategic relationships with key customers.
Develop and implement the company`s annual long-term plan, ensuring business objectives are met or superseded.
Build effective teams, including a strong management team, ensure successors for each key position are being developed; provide leadership and coaching.
Issue weekly management reports for the CEO of the company.

Shanghai Modern City Garden Co., Ltd, (MCG Shanghai Limited)
Merchandising Manager & Coordinator Shanghai, China., Company size over than 100 employers. (2012-2013)
Key Accountabilities:
Survey global trends and determine the brand`s position, while noting emerging designer brands within the same product category.
Analyze sales data of company’s existing collections and brands.
Source products and schedule their release world-wide, especially in Europe.
Organize importation documents; clarify the actual quantity of products in production, while verify the payment processes pre/post shipment.
Assist IT in improving the operation software of the company.
Train sellers in the positioning and history of carried brands, as well as product display strategies.

Italy Melo e Grano representative office in Shangha
Production Merchandiser & Coordinator, Shanghai, China (2006-2011)
Purchase needs for suppliers including production materials.
Consult with suppliers to review quotations, contacts and shipping documents.
Negotiate terms and conditions within the contacts.
Establish delivery schedules, monitor progress and production quality.
Contact Italian head office to resolve client and supplier concerns.



LaSalle College
AEC Fashion Marketing Program, Montreal, Canada (Fall 2016-Present)

Shanghai University of Engineer and Science (SUES)
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design & Engineering, Shanghai, China (2002-2006)
(Courses in: Adobe Professional Design Software, CAD, Handicraft Print & Dye, Fashion History, and English)

Sino-French Institute in Fashion Design, Shanghai, China (2002-2006)
(Courses: Design, Draping, Pattern Making (kids, women and men), Textiles, Sewing, Marketing, and French)


Wall Street English, Shanghai, China - Course: English 2015-2016
Alliance Francais, Shanghai, China - Course: French 2011-2012
Wall Street English, Shanghai, China - Course: English 2007-2010
Alliance Francais, Shanghai, China - Course: French 2003-2006