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Marta Bona Marín

Marta Bona Marín

Fashion Design
LCI Barcelona

· R E M I N I S C E N C E · Fashion Collection

It is said that each one of us stores in a sack all these conducts that are “frowned upon by the society”. A sack that we may later want to undo, a shadow that occasionally we need to know, giving awareness to the darkness to give existence to its brightness. all that is translated into a garment with volumes, leaving holes in its interior that bloom through feelings and sensations. Transparencies that let us see what is hidden underneath, glass beads that separate and join, woolen wick that intertwine and hide voids, textures frozen in resin and dye stains that reserves whites… this are some of the nuances that enhance the concept. So in every blank space we leave, it breathes a new concept inside us which make us gradually capable to know this sack and learn to live with the emptiness that give us certain feelings and experiences.

Fashion Film

Art Direction Video: Marta Bona - Filmmakers: Ramón Marquès + Elisabet Encina - Postproduction: Ramón Marquès - Muah: Maryam Blanco + Ana Costa - Designer: Marta Bona - Stylist Assistant: Acuarela Beard - Models: Haley Ahonen @ TrendModels + Judit Garcia + Lu Gao + Vanesa Tonova @ BlowModels

Photographer: Aaron


Photographer: Aaron LB - Models: Haley Ahonen @ Trend Models + Vanesa Tonova @ Blow Models + Judit Garcia - Muah: Maryam Blanco - Designer & Stylist: Marta Bona - Stylist Assistant: Acuarela Beard

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