KONSENT LIVING - Fashion Enterprise Project

Derived from the word “consent”, meaning agreement in sentiment, opinion, or a course of action, Konsent represents the sense of support and approval towards certain issues and trends, along with the will to change towards a better direction.

Konsent takes the


Konsent takes the approach of capturing romanticism and molding it with hints of modern interpretation of strength, fabricating pieces that not only help in creating and decorating a beautiful space that sparks joy for its users, but also functional for its main purposes. Balancing both aspects of soft and sturdy, Konsent refined a signature style of delicately crafted pieces of home and lifestyle pieces.

Konsent's First Intro-Ads Video

Konsent Team always had a vision of creating not only a sustainable home goods start-up, but also to provide the customers a platform to also contribute for our environment. By the time the Konsent's first video came out, this marked the start of the journey.

Along with the mis

Amp Up Your Life

Along with the mission to provide a platform where people can shop while helping the environment change for better, Konsent also care about their customers' active lifestyle by providing lifestyle goods to support practicality.

We are available o

Where to Find Us?

We are available on social medias on: Instagram Pinterest @konsentindonesia and our official website:

Other Credits

The Team:

Jessica Gabrielle Santoso
Maria Jessica Susilo
Reni Angriani