Shahin Ahmed

Shahin Ahmed

Information Technology
LaSalle College | Montréal

Adventuring-Travel Agency WebSite

My class project subject is traveling website. I designed a traveling website for a traveling company called ‘Adventuring’. I designed the logo for the agent and all the pages needed for their campaign.

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User can fill out th

Booking Form Validation

User can fill out the booking form for desired trip

A user could choose

Destination Beach

A user could choose beach as destination

A user could choose

Destination Lake

A user could choose lake as destination

Display the total pr

Total price for selected package

Display the total price of the selected package

Confirmation page

Confirmation page

Confirmation page

Company's Mission pa


Company's Mission page

Describe the desert

Desert home page

Describe the desert category

Present to user the


Present to user the map of Canada so user can select the desired destination

Price and details


Price and details

Booking form

Booking Form

Booking form

A user can log into

User login page

A user can log into their account to see and pay for the trip.

Technical Manual of Adventuring Website

The document shows all technical aspects of the website.

Read the document

User Manual of Adventuring Website

The document shows how a user could browse the web site.

Read the document