Cosplay projects

Sketches and inspiration/references for future cosplays i would like to make

This is an idea for

Jack Skellington

This is an idea for a genderbent Jack Skellington (from Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas) cosplay. Most of the garments and character images i looked up were for drawing references, in order to keep the final result easily recognizable. I also went with a bit of victorian inspiration, since the character wears a tuxedo originally, which were popular during the 1850s.

This is a cosplay id

Cheshire Cat

This is a cosplay idea for the cheshire cat, from the tale Alice in Wonderland. This outfit was inspired by Tim Burton's movie (same title) and American Mcgee's «Alice Madness» game. I also used asylum straight jackets as reference (not quite accurate, but i wasn't going for accuracy), since Wonderland can be interpreted as Alice's insanity and delusions.


Most images were found on Pinterest and could not be traced to their original source or creator. I have included the Pinterest links in this document and the information I could find. None of these images are my work. However, since they are what inspired me, I believe they should still be shown.

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