Scarf Designed for Printing

November, 2018 Creative Software Course Software: Adobe Illustrator

Let me share my visi

Scarf Design

Let me share my vision with you… This scarf represents how I see a mixture of everything that life has to offer, such as nature and all its beauty and a more urban perspective relating to the city and architectural landscapes. The blue background represents the sky and how the sky is our limit. We can achieve everything we put our minds too. Having the staircase and the words “la vie est belle” on them in an increasing form was meant to showcase the wonderful journey that life takes us on and how everything that happens is a new step that brings us closer to our goals. Moreover, the door is there to show opportunities that might come up along the way. Lastly, as the lemons may seem random, they are there to showcase the famous phrase “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” My piece shows not only a design, but most importantly a story.