Working in print media is where I feel most at ease. The editorial and publishing industries have always been of interest, ever since I was a kid I used to write for "Aprendo", a Sunday weekly for kids—I used to rate movies. We were given carte blanche when it came to the topic as long as it explored the Canadian and Québébois national identities, I chose to center my investigation in the tradition of landscape painting and how its evolution also traces the country's rise as a nation.

For every project, I

For every project, I like to start from scratch with my own photographs and layout designs. For this specific project, I wanted to play with lots of visual resources that could balance the dense theoretical text so I went for a simple editorial design of two-wide columns that juggle between the artworks of some of Canada's finest artistes.

Arts and Literature/LaSalle College | Montréal/HAND-DRAFTING THE ZINE'S LOGO


Arts and Literature/LaSalle College | Montréal/VECTORIZED LOGOTYPE


Arts and Literature/LaSalle College | Montréal/zylkxcmnzsd4h87codjlcwaiyjhu68mg
This zine is also th

This zine is also the compilation of personal photographs and recycled textures collected over the past months for no apparent reason. This "waste" is now repurposed: the paper bags that kept my croissants warm every morning, or the nylon mesh that carried my fruits from the local déppaneur. These visual devices, when placed next to the theory, come to light under a different temperature, brighter and warmer, symbolizing the never-ending push-and-pull between nature and human-made.

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