San Salvador | City Branding

San Salvador is the capital of the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador. Over the years, the city has focused on growing and modernizing itself in order to be more accessible for tourists and of course, the people that inhabit it. The city lacks in identity and needs a rebranding therefore it is looking for one that will reflect its’ authenticity.San Salvador is home to a diversity of people of all ages. A vivid and modern branding was the desired goal in order to become eye-catching for all ages. Moreover, the rebranding did needed to include the essence of the city’s traditions and culture as well. San Salvador is nicknamed “The Valley of the Hammocks” because of its’ very frequent seismic activity; therefore, the logo is a set of hammocks inspired by the city’s nickname. The bright colors found on it were inspired from the colors found on the hammocks made there which also perfectly reflects the city’s vivid impression.

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