Teacher Appreciation Week - LCI Education Network Teaching Excellence Awards

As part of the Teacher Appreciation Week, which takes place from February 7th to 13rd, 2016, the LCI Education network would like to honor the achievements and daily involvement of its teachers who help promote high-quality teaching, a fundamental value of the LCI Education network. This week offers the perfect opportunity to recognize the commitment, enthusiasm and inspiration demonstrated by our network’s teachers.

This year, the LCI Education network is unveiling the Teaching Excellence Awards, a tangible recognition of the unwavering dedication of the network’s teachers to academic excellence in all of its forms, both inside and outside the classrooms of the eighteen 2015 award winners. Over the past year, these winners distinguished themselves in one or more of the following areas: innovative and effective teaching methods, collaborative projects between students and the industry, and other initiatives that foster students’ career preparedness. 

Here are the eighteen winners of the 2015 Teaching Excellence Awards: 

  • Ardha Ardea Prisilla, LaSalle College | Jakarta 
  • Daryl Askey, LaSalle College Vancouver 
  • Mohammed Azzouz, Collège LaSalle | Tanger 
  • Wadie Bennani, Collège LaSalle | Rabat 
  • Nouredine Berechid, Collège LaSalle | Casablanca 
  • Fernand Campbell, LaSalle College | Montréal 
  • Erasto Carranza Cantú, LCI Monterrey 
  • Melissa Chams Cure, LCI Barranquilla 
  • My Youssef El Idrissi Moubtassim, Collège LaSalle | Marrakech 
  • Miguel Elola Recondo, LCI Barcelona 
  • Slaheddine Gargouri, Collège LaSalle | Tunis 
  • Heloise Magny, LaSalle College | Montréal 
  • Michelle Mantsio, Academy of Design Australia 
  • Nadia Petrova, Inter-Dec College 
  • Donald Provençal, LaSalle College | Montréal 
  • Lisa Sanche, LaSalle College | Istanbul 
  • Sakuntala Verlista, LaSalle College | Surabaya 
  • Felix Zambrano Molina, LCI Bogotá 

Congratulations to all the award winners, and happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Media Relations : Carl-Olivier Perras
Communications manager