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Impress a Recruiter in 5 Steps

Published by Espresso-Jobs, October 27th, 2016

When recruiters ask what you know about their companies and you deliver the same general statements as every other applicant, you won’t impress anyone. So here are a few tips, inspired by an article published by the Metro News, for standing out from the crowd and separating yourself from other candidates.

The Company, its Competition and You

To show your interest in the company, you should know more than just what products and services it offers. You should also know what differentiates these products and services from those offered by competitors. To do that, you’ll have to research the industry. If, during your research, you notice, for example, that the company implemented an environmental protection plan and this is consistent with your own values, take advantage of the opportunity to emphasize this by talking about how you have changed your own day-to-day behaviors to be more environmentally friendly.

Speaking of Values…

Each company upholds values and should be dedicated to a mission. You can usually find this information in the “About” section of the company’s website. You can also read news articles or press releases that the company may have issued and which put these values front and center.

Company Organization

According to Lucie Pouliot, CHRP, knowing the company well truly makes a difference in an interview. Understanding the company’s organizational chart, including the type of leadership and the names of the key administrators, will earn you quite a few points in an interview. If the company doesn’t have a website, you can check LinkedIn or consult the CRIQ database where you can find a ton of relevant information that will help you get an overview of the company.

The Company on Social Media

To get a complete picture of the company, you should take a look through its social network pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube… Take care to observe published information, interactions with the customer base, etc. Take notes so you remember what you noticed and what stood out to you specifically.

Company Culture

What are the company’s rules for “living together”? To find out, nothing beats contacting someone who knows about the organization from the inside. How do you do this? Via LinkedIn, you can easily communicate with people who have previously worked for the company. You can ask them if work relationships are friendly, what approaches the managers take, whether the values spotlighted in communications match the realities, etc.