LCI Education selection
Kevin Lin

Kevin Lin

Interior Design & Architecture
LaSalle College Vancouver

Residential Design

Design concept The traditional rough and hard school of rusty iron pieces, exposed pipelines, mottled red brick walls, rough concrete, and unpolished old wood, laid Loft industrial wind with a little restrained wild, mysterious character.

Iron art, metal elem

Living Area

Iron art, metal elements have a tight shape, the structure of the splicing, the metal framework, and a wooden board frame, showing a sense of order with a distinct structure.

An open kitchen can

Dining & Kitchen Area

An open kitchen can obtain dining-room and living room share, make space look more capacious. The black mystery is fresh, and white grace is lightsome, both mixes builds crisscross to create the change of more administrative levels, mysterious in revealing grace.

Part of the wall is

Home Office

Part of the wall is left as a stacked brick wall. The cracks between the bricks and the bricks can present different light and shadow layers from the general wall.

Rely on the cactus o

Master Bed Room

Rely on the cactus of the corner to look natural, restore ancient ways, return to the original actual decorative painting with artistic flavor as a highlight also promoted the brightness of the whole space.